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Conti SportContact 6 & Conti PremiumContact 6

“test winner” and “eco-master”

The PremiumContact 6 received more “highest recommendation” awards than any competitor product.


Overall, the summer tire received a grade of 1 (“very good”). The Continental tire was the only product to win the “test winner” and “eco-master” awards. The Continental summer tire excels with balanced performance at high level. Editors of the magazine noted „dynamic handling with precise steering, short braking distances, very high mileage, good economy,” as its core strengths. The PremiumContact 6 was the only tire in the 50-product test line-up to score top rating (1+) for mileage.


The PremiumContact 6 is a passenger car summer tire for models from the compact class and above. It is manufactured in a very wide range of sizes with approvals for speeds of up to 300 km/h.


Continental SportContact 6 Test Winner

„outstanding handling qualities“

The SportContact 6 was able to convince in independent tests over the last 3 years. The High-tech sports tire won through against nine competitors while scoring “very good” or “good” rating in all test disciplines. Trade journalists certify „outstanding handling qualities“.


In the current summer tire test by the AutoBild sportscars trade journal (issue 4/17), the SportContact 6 from Continental came in first, as in the previous year. “The premium athlete scores with outstanding handling properties on wet and dry slopes. With precise steering behavior, balanced dynamics and a high fun factor, it makes it onto the podium, ”write the experts. The super sports tire from Continental had to prove its qualities in ten disciplines. A total of nine tire models in size 235/35 R 19 from European, American and Asian brands were tested.


With the SportContact 6, Continental offers a super sports tire for the high-performance segment which, compared to the previous ContiSportContact 5 P model, has increased significantly in terms of handling, steering precision and standard high-speed suitability of up to 350 km / h. The technicians in Hanover redesigned the chemical composition of the tread, the tread design and the tire construction in order to bring the increased performance, sometimes up to 14 percent, to the road. There are currently over 50 dimensions available for rims with diameters from 19 to 23 inches, the delivery program is continuously being expanded.