Help your tires to keep you safe
A few handy tips to help you to stay safe on and off the road.

Continental tires are high-tech products, fine-tuned to modern driving. Maintain your tires properly and they will deliver excellent service.


As with all complex technical products, you should handle your tires carefully. In this way you can rely on optimum driving comfort and performance throughout the tires’ service life.


We recommend: inspecting your tires and pressures every two weeks. If tire damage is suspected or found, have the tire inspected immediately by a tire service professional. And don't forget your spare.


We recommend: approach obstacles as slowly as possible – and if you have to drive over them, do it as close to the perpendicular as possible. Check your tires regularly for exterior damage such as cuts, cracks or bulges.


We recommend: do not overload your vehicle. If you intend to drive under full-load/high- speed conditions adjust your tire pressures according to the vehicle manufacturer‘s recommendations.


We recommend: only check cold tires. Do not forget to check your spare or emergency/temporary spare tire, since you never know when you may need it. (Refer to the vehicle manufacturer’s supplementary information regarding emergency/temporary spare tires.)


We recommend: worn tires increase the risk of aquaplaning and reduce wet braking performance, we strongly urge you to change your tires before they reach the minimum legal tread depth.


We recommend: change summer tires when they have 3 mm and winter tires when they have 4 mm of remaining tread. (In Austria, winter tires must have at least 4 mm of remaining tread depth when the period for mandatory winter equipment begins.)


Making sure you get there safely.

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