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Inflating tire 1 State-of-the-art braking systems

The Continental Automotive Group is one of the world's leading automobile suppliers, with around 170,000 employees in over 170 locations. They all share our ambitious goal of developing products and systems that define the future of the automobile.



The cars of tomorrow will be highly demanding - they must combine individuality and driving pleasure with safety and eco-friendly efficiency. Safe, sustainable, interconnected - those are the properties of the components that help us deliver leading-edge automotive technology worldwide. At the heart of our work are three objectives: zero Accidents - car driving without hazards or personal injury. Zero Emissions - ensuring personal mobility while protecting the environment and its resources. And Always On - intelligent and interconnected road traffic.


Inflating tire 2 Sophisticated chassis technologies

The Automotive Group consists of three divisions focused on innovation in different industries. The Chassis & Safety division is focused primarily on vehicle safety for all vehicle classes and all markets around the world.


At the core lies the comprehensive ContiGuard safety concept, which is being continuously expanded by adding new, high-quality vehicle components such as electronic and hydraulic braking and suspension control systems, sensors, assisted driving systems, airbag electronics and sensors, windshield washer systems and electronic air suspension systems.


The mission of the Powertrain division is to make the driving experience more efficient and eco-friendly without sacrificing driving enjoyment and comfort.


Inflating tire 3 Innovative driveline engineering

Its core competency is developing powertrain solutions with two clear objectives: increasing performance and reducing consumption.


The product portfolio includes gasoline and diesel injection systems, engine and transmission control systems, fuel supply systems and hybrid and electric drives.


The Interior division supplies automobile manufacturers and retrofitters with electronic information systems that are precisely tailored to each driver and situation. The product range includes instrument clusters and multifunctional displays, control units, electronic car-entry systems, tire-monitoring systems, radios, multimedia and navigation systems, climate control systems and telematics solutions.


Inflating tire 4 Advanced automotive control systems

Continental celebrated its 140th anniversary in 2011. Since its founding in 1871, the company, based in Hanover, Germany has grown continuously.


Starting out as a specialist for tires and rubber products, Continental is now a leading global automotive supplier. "Our customers and business partners profit from our years-long experience, our innovative prowess, our increasingly international orientation and our broadly based product portfolio in different sectors of business," said Dr. Elmar Degenhart, chairman of the Executive Board of Continental AG. "We are at your side as a competent and reliable partner. At the same time we are a crucial force in shaping today's mega-trends in the automotive industry - safety, information, the environment and affordable vehicles."