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For high-end, high-performance vehicles - approved for speeds up to 360 km/h.

With the ContiSportContactTM Vmax, Continental introduces the first road-legal tire which is capable of speeds up to 360 km/h. The need for safety at such high speeds is vital due to the increasing number of ultra-high performance cars in the tuning sector capable of reaching speeds of more than 300 km/h.

The ContiSportContactTM Vmax is the natural heir to the successful ContiSportContactTM 2. Its tread and carcass were adapted to the high technical requirements. A slightly reduced tread depth and a tread structure with more grooves on the inner part of the tire reduce heat generation. New cooling grooves on the inner part of the tire as well as deeper and wider tread grooves on the outer part lead to a better heat dissipation and allow a safe and dynamic driving also at top speeds. A multiple radii tread contour optimised for high-speed performance as well as an adapted, strengthened sidewall guarantee a precise steering response also at extreme centrifugal forces.

  • Shorter stopping distances
  • Exceptionally agile and positive handling
  • Approved for speeds up to 360 km/h!
  • Runs smooth; runs quiet.
  • ZR
    Speed index
  • 19 - 20
    Rim diameter in inches
  • 235 - 335
    Tire width
  • 30 - 35

Technical details

Friction generates heat. Extreme friction inspires brilliant engineering.

Especially at very high speeds, a tire is exposed to extreme thermal stress. The rubber can disintegrate and the compound melt down. To overcome these problems, the ContiSportContactTM Vmax features slightly reduced tread depth and a tread structure with more grooves on the inner part of the tire and deeper and wider ones on the outside to reduce heat generation.

This makes it far more flexible, and better able to dissipate heat as well. Additionally, the rubber volume of the tread ribs has been reduced on the inner section of the tire.

The result? Even with its speed rating of up to 360 km/h, this tire is suitable for everyday motoring, safe and, above all, extremely durable.

At speeds over 300 km/h, formidable forces are at work.

To enable the new ContiSportContact 2 Vmax to control the extreme centrifugal forces, a multiple radii tread contour optimised for high-speed performance is used. With the help of a reinforced belt and cap ply materials, high-speed reliability as well as shape and driving stability have been substantially improved.

A sidewall construction specifically engineered for these tremendous forces, together with a substantially reinforced bead construction, guarantee very precise steering response. The new ContiSportContact 2 Vmax is a natural development of the successful ContiSportContact 2. Our aim was not to break records, but to extend a vehicle’s safety by a significant margin. Or in other words, to provide you with the world’s first standard production tire which remains safe even at speeds of up to 360 km/h.

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